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The stylish K-Bar is a haven of cosmopolitan class situated in K-hotel Douala, Cameroon. The branding draws its inspiration from the unique bar concept which focuses primarily on serving the local family Kadji beer made with passion & expertise. The geometric diamond-shaped logo & graphical elements invite you to lounge in a chic venue of sheer-style, with illicitly handcrafted cocktails and an eclectic bar menu.

The story behind the brewery is shown through an illustrated character”Mr. K”, who represents a humble African man of modern sophistication and an expert beer maker. A set of vintage beer-related illustrations are created to compliment the mixologist. The color palette includes a deep navy blue, a rich burgundy color, and a metallic bronze to reflect elegance, strong know-how and refinement, mixed with lighter tonalities to give a soft luxurious feel to the hotel bar.K-bar ambiance offers a pleasant calm setting and chill atmosphere with dim lighting and vibrant live music making it the perfect place to relax unwind.