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IPS International

Welcome to IPS! The go-to partner for all your modern energy projects' needs in developing and emerging markets. We're neither typical consultants nor traditional contractors... We differentiate ourselves as innovative and customer-centric solution providers. Our nimble value-creation approach integrates global best-practices in industrial engineering and project-management through tailored solutions specifically adapted to the reality of underdeveloped markets. This unique business model covers the gap between international developers and local capabilities ensuring centralized governance, compliance, and strategic alignment.  With a global vision, we’re committed to supporting energy innovation and system transition by designing, developing and delivering accessible, reliable, and sustainable solutions. We invite you to experience a culture that fosters creative synergy driven by a value-system devoted to excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

About Us

An Overview

IPS International is a multidisciplinary business group offering value-added solutions to the energy and heavy-duty industrial sectors. We engage with owners, developers, contractors, and operators, addressing our clients' needs and challenges specific to developing and emerging markets. Our offerings span across the entire life-cycle of CapEx projects and cover the full lifetime of modern facilities. We offer integrated project development and delivery services engaging in the study, supply, fabrication, installation, O&M, restoration, and improvement of heavy-duty industrial facilities. Our unique business model allows us to reach-out globally through strategic alliances, while horizontally expanding locally within a growing base of operational partners. We thrive to deliver unique value by bridging gaps and overcoming impediments in project development and delivery through seamless integration of international and local capabilities.

Key Attributes

Vision & Philosophy

The driving principle of IPS International is to revolutionize the way international developers engage with local businesses in underdeveloped energy markets. This principle is based on an overarching vision that aims to empower energy innovation, emerging technologies, and systems transition in those regions. We seek to cover the gap between international and local counterparts, through an integrated project development and delivery model, ensuring better governance, compliance, and strategic alignment. Our ultimate goal to realize the untapped local potential by seamlessly integrating global process and best practices in order to develop an accessible, reliable, and sustainable infrastructure, where it is most needed. While business-as-usual remains daunted by skewed principles, our culture is rooted in a value-system that leverages its synergy and core values.

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