Branding . Digital Communication Materials . Website Design

Founded by Joy Mardini and William Wehbe, BABYLON is an agency dedicated to connecting local and regional talents with global opportunities, transcending geographical boundaries to promote and celebrate their work. Our task encompassed crafting a comprehensive visual identity, covering everything from logo design to stationery, website and corporate presentation design. This creative endeavor aimed not only to reflect the diverse and rich world of design spanning the Middle East and beyond, but also to embody the spirit of innovation and collaboration central to BABYLON’s mission of reshaping the design landscape.

Elegant, refined, and marked by a sense of minimalism, the BABYLON brand identity mirrors the inherent sophistication within the design realm. The color palette, a sober navy and dark ochre, contrasting with a luminous ivory, symbolizes a future illuminated by creativity and vision. The typography palette skillfully harmonizes tradition and modernity, achieving a seamless blend that pays homage to heritage while embracing innovation. The result is a brand that stands as a contemporary yet timeless tribute, celebrating the diversity and brilliance of Middle Eastern designers on the global stage.

In essence, the outcome is a brand that not only honors design but also embodies the founders’ unwavering belief in the boundless potential of creative expression. BABYLON serves as a living testament to this philosophy, envisioning a future where design becomes a potent, beautiful, and inclusive force that harmonizes cultures and fuels innovation.