Beirut Skin Space
Branding . Packaging . Environmental Design

Beirut Skin Space is a dermatology and cosmetic clinic by Doctor Nancy Mufarrij, a prominent figure on the regional medical scene. Creative Punch was asked to develop the full brand identity of the new clinic, in order to take it to the next level by creating and reinforcing Dr. Mufarrij’s personal brand.

Our goal was to represent the multidisciplinary approach of the clinic, which offers patients medical as well as cosmetic dermatology. We drew our inspiration from the intricate and delicate layers of skin. A diverse and versatile palette of graphical compositions using overlapping organic shapes was created in soft shades of nudes and pastels, interlaced with a subtle dotted pattern.

From logo design, stationery, and various clinic forms and leaflets, to packaging, lab coats and social media presence, the Beirut Skin Space identity exudes warmth and subtlety in a soothing yet highly professional environment.