Blue for Burgundy
Naming . Branding . Packaging . Communication Materials

Crafted by Lebanese fashion designer Jessica Khawaja, BLUE FOR BURGUNDY isn’t just a luxury ready-to-wear label; it’s a celebration of beauty and boldness, an ode to the confident modern woman who expresses her individuality through fashion. 

The name and visual identity of BLUE FOR BURGUNDY encapsulate its essence: a captivating blend of classic elegance and contemporary edginess, inspired by the dynamic and enchanting colors it represents.  

The visual identity imagined by Creative Punch integrates this duality into all aspects of the brand, from the name to the color palette, to the graphic elements and patterns, creating a cohesive representation of women’s dynamic nature. An iconic monogram, combining thick and thin lines with geometric shapes, mirrors the essence of Blue for Burgundy.

The overall look and feel of Blue for Burgundy appeals to young women in search of both simplicity and sophistication in ready-to-wear fashion, offering a range from chic evening dresses to trendy everyday attire. In essence, BLUE FOR BURGUNDY is more than a label; it embodies a philosophy acknowledging the dynamic spirit of today’s woman, endeavoring to enrich her journey with fashion as adaptable and versatile as she is.