Bun Meats Bun
Branding . Packaging . Environmental Design

Bun Meats Bun is a sandwich joint in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, offering a selection of burgers and sandwiches with signature sauces and in-house baked buns, that are rich in flavor and hit the “spot”. It caters for an urban, outgoing and health-conscious clientele, hence the modern, industrial style interior design and ambiance in general.

Our branding concept revolves around the two hero ingredients: the buns and the meats. The sets of illustrations derived from both elements highlight the richness and beauty of the ingredients at the visual level, by accentuating the textures associated with each one of them.   The outcome is a diverse set of graphics with a rough and powerful aspect that is further enhanced by a contrasting color palette consisting of red, black and beige. In parallel, the choice of typefaces complements and mirrors the illustration style by mixing together a modern sans-serif and a grungy cursive typeface.

The dramatic effect produced by the combination of the edgy graphics, the typography choice and the vibrant colors, gives the brand a strong and imposing identity, with a bold statement and a guarantee of a rich and intense culinary experience.