Branding . Digital Communication Materials

EQWEP, a Dubai-based online platform revolutionizing the art of creating, upgrading, and renovating bath and kitchen spaces, embarked on a transformative journey with Creative Punch to establish its complete visual identity and develop its brand guidelines. Starting from an existing logo, the collaboration with Creative Punch went beyond a mere visual overhaul; it marked the inception of a comprehensive brand identity that encompasses the very soul of EQWEP. Through an intricate process, Creative Punch worked hand-in-hand with the client to articulate the brand essence, mission, vision, values and brand personas, transforming the foundational elements into a coherent and inspiring narrative.

The outcome is a brand that speaks volumes about EQWEP’s commitment to revolutionizing home design experiences. The playful yet modern aesthetic permeates every aspect of the brand’s identity, from the vibrant color palette to the carefully chosen typefaces and graphic elements. This meticulous approach extends into the digital realm, where Creative Punch provided a suite of visual assets, including social media and presentation templates, and a consistent presence on digital platforms. The UX/UI toolkit for the upcoming platform ensures a user experience that aligns seamlessly with EQWEP’s brand identity, promising a visually captivating and user-friendly journey for individuals seeking to craft their perfect bath and kitchen spaces.

In essence, Creative Punch has not only set the tone for EQWEP’s communication but has laid the foundation for a brand that is poised to lead the way in the dynamic world of online home design in Dubai.