Brand Strategy . Brand Uplift . Packaging . Digital Communication Materials

Creative Punch was commissioned to uplift, consolidate and solidify the brand presence of FEEL22, the leading beauty e-commerce platform in the Middle East. With the brand experiencing rapid growth across three diverse markets – Lebanon, Erbil, and Iraq – the client entrusted Creative Punch with the task of rejuvenating the visual identity while localizing it effectively. 

The agency’s approach commenced with a meticulous brand strategy encompassing competitive analysis, target audience delineation, and the establishment of a distinctive tone of voice and brand personas. Building upon these strategic foundations, Creative Punch crafted a visual identity that exudes convenience, customer-centricity, and empowerment, actively encouraging self-expression and celebrating diversity.

To anchor the logo’s uplift, Creative Punch also conceived the FEEL22 icon. This icon, featuring an intertwined “22” forming both a heart and an infinity symbol, artfully encapsulates the essence of the brand’s values. The graphic element palette further reinforces Feel22’s core principles of self-love and empowerment, resulting in a dynamic and versatile visual identity. Each element within the palette serves as a unique representation of these values, fostering a strong sense of community while celebrating individuality.

Moreover, Creative Punch extended their expertise by adapting the FEEL22 logo to the three distinct markets and three diverse verticals (Luxe, Pharma, and Pro). This encompassed the localization of language, tone of voice, and messaging to ensure a seamless brand experience tailored to each unique audience. In sum, Creative Punch orchestrated a comprehensive and impactful brand uplift, harmonizing Feel22’s identity across multiple markets and verticals while staying true to the brand’s core values.