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In a world consumed by mass-production, In.Vision embodies the passion of an interior architect who advocates a slow and meticulous creation process, from concept to execution, that makes truly unique furniture piece and enduring interior design. Our brief was to create a brand that reflects the craftsmanship and experience required to design and manufactue made-to-measure, bespoke contemporary furniture that appeal to the modern day consumers.

The visual identity we conceived is minimal in its overall representation with nevertheless a subtle and intricate play on typography, mostly evident in the interventions on the brand’s logotype. The omnipresent pine green color gives the brand a deep, rich and exclusive look and feel, clearly hinting at the noble wood and high-quality materials and finishes used in the making of each furniture piece. The outcome is an identity that exudes a high-end vibe of sheer luxury while also portraying the simplicity of modern furniture design.