Jalset Farid
Naming . Branding . Packaging . Digital Communication Materials

Jalset Farid is a Lebanese restaurant concept that combines a kitchen, a bakery & a snack in an authentic yet trendy setting that serves breakfast, lunch & dinner whether for dine-in, takeaway or delivery. The menu variety ranges from oven-baked manakish, garden picked salads & mezze, clay pot dishes, sizzling fajitas, charcoal grilled shawarma, roasted chicken & a light menu selection.

Wanting to illustrate this diverse concept and appeal to a young target audience, Creative Punch opted for a fun and colorful brand identity with a bold and vivid color palette that consists of a fiery red orange, a yellow mustard and a bright turquoise. The packaging and restaurant items show bold slogans with a Lebanese slang tone of voice that adds strength to the identity by reflecting the convivial and fun aspects of our culture. The interior and environmental branding are designed to show a fast casual unique urban experience offering spontaneous, rich and mouthwatering dishes.