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Juña Rooftop Shisha, situated on the 6th floor of 25hours Hotel One Central in Dubai, offers an enchanting escape with breathtaking views across the Museum of the Future, with its illuminated calligraphy and the glittering lights of Dubai International Financial Center. It invites you to savor in a diverse array of shisha flavors, expertly crafted cocktails, mocktails and an extensive selection of snacks, all while taking in the mesmerizing rooftop panorama.

Inspired by a bohemian mystical concept, Juña Rooftop Shisha exudes a contemporary charm. The brand’s visual identity reflects this mysticism with a modern twist, capturing the essence of a casually chic destination to enjoy drinks, meals, and of course shisha, against the backdrop of the illuminated Museum of the Future.

Beneath the starry night, this mystical view allows us to create a unique set of graphical elements that play a major role in narrating the Juña story, featuring key elements such as the geometric Shisha icon and a collection of mystical symbols, inspired by the enchanting night sky. These elements are presented in a trendy, abstract manner, blending harmoniously with lines and patterns reminiscent of Bedouin and tribal influences, inspired from the cozy boho chic setup, featuring Persian carpets, plush couches and leather poofs.

The brand concept seamlessly extends from the logo design to the shisha & food menu, the drinks menu, coasters, uniforms and digital communication, creating an immersive experience that encapsulates the essence of Juña Rooftop Shisha, as a one-of-a-kind rooftop destination that effortlessly combines the timeless allure of tribal mysticism with the serene, warm garden ambiance.