Naming . Branding

Peppersea is the beach club of Byblos Beach Village, a luxurious resort nestled on the shores of Byblos and comprised of a seaside restaurant serving a Mediterranean and International cuisine, an outdoor beach bar, a private pool and beach and an indoor bar carved into the rocks. Our aim was to create a brand that reflects the unique Peppersea experience, from the magical setting to the exquisite cuisine, décor and delectable signature cocktails, and most of all the charming vibe of the place, all year long and all day long.

Starting with the name creation, our approach was to intrinsically link the Mediterranean cuisine and the sea and sandy beach, by symbolically representing them as salt & pepper, hence the name: Peppersea. The brand we developed embodies the simple yet elegant and exclusive aspects of the beach club, with a vivid omnipresent royal blue shade complemented with brassy gold accents. The restaurant identity was carried across the entire restaurant and bar, from logo design, to signage, food, drink and poolside menus and various brand collaterals.