Website UI/UX & Development

Regulat® is a leading health and wellness German food supplements brand known through its distinguished cascade fermentation technology and remarkable health benefits. For the launch of the brand in in the Middle East and Africa region, Creative Punch was asked to design and develop a website that was both informational, to educate the consumer about the products and the science behind them, and an e-commerce, to be able to sell the products online across the region.

Our greatest challenge was to organize the large amounts of scientific data and present it in a structured and simplified manner for the consumer to easily grasp the concept of Regulat®. The custom e-commerce section was also designed to facilitate the quick and easy purchase of products online.

Overall, the Regulat® website ensures a pleasant browsing experience, by offering consumers in-depth scientific information in a fresh, modern ­­and visually appealing design with bright colors and customized icons to illustrate the different product features and characteristics.