Sanita Club
Packaging Design

A member of Indevco Group, Sanita is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of household, institutional, and personal care products, supplying markets in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Each year, Sanita celebrates the Saudi National Day with a limited edition tissue box design. Creative Punch was requested to come up with a unique vision for the 2015 edition.

We wanted to stay away from the usual interpretations of the National Day theme. Our box design tells the story of A Festive Day Between Sand and Sky. A miniature setup is created and constructed against a desert background featuring a giant sand monument/sculpture with “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” engraved on it. The scene is composed of various outdoor activities that characterize the Saudi culture and lifestyle: desert safaris, quad bikes and hot air balloon excursions, etc.

The resulting landscape is bright, cheerful and exudes positive energy and fun. It evokes how proud the Saudi people feel about their country, and how they have learned to enjoy its natural resources.