Naming . Branding . Editorial Design

At the heart of the dynamic and vibrant city of Tartous, stands Skaya Tower, a one-of-its-kind architectural achievement that reshapes the business center of the flourishing city. From its early stages of construction, the prominent real estate project has progressively remodeled the cityscape, gradually rising to become an unmissable business landmark and the tallest tower on the Syrian coast, with 30 stories and 360-degree views.

We decided to draw our inspiration from the tall, unique and contemporary structure of the tower, extracting our graphical elements from its harmonious design, which mixes traditional and modern architecture. The visual identity translates into different interpretations, with various graphical elements derived from the logo, the tower’s architectural details, and the surrounding landscape. Brochure, fence and communication materials were designed to highlight this unique tower that occupies a prestigious central address in Tartous,the second largest port city in Syria.