Spazio Casa
Naming . Branding . Packaging . Website

Spazio Casa is a new address in Downtown Beirut for Italian high-end designer brands of furniture, lighting and home accessories. Creative Punch was asked to develop the full identity of the new gallery, from brand naming to brand identity and online presence.

The brand we created embodies the refinement and elegance of luxury Italian living with a modern twist and draws its inspiration from the basic geometric shapes at the core of all architecture and furniture design: circles, squares, lines, half and full modules, in regular and irregular patterns are used alternatively on various deliverables. The rich color palette is also reminiscent of the all-Italian ambiance of the gallery.

The outcome is a minimal identity that exudes a high-end, luxurious vibe while also reflecting the simplicity of modern furniture design. Spazio Casa is a brand that speaks to a diverse clientele looking for furniture that reflect their unique personality.