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STEM is a privately-owned corporation operating under SEMT Holding, specialising in the design, execution, and installation of a diverse range of architectural and structural metalworks. Based in Beirut, Lebanon, with an established strong presence across various countries in the Middle East and Africa. The visual identity is directly inspired by the innovative metal solutions provided by Stem. It is a modern, minimalist, and future-forward business that tackles challenging projects using extensive research to deliver services revolving around discovery, design, and development before reaching the end product.

A well-studied linear dynamic logo icon is created, combining the letter “S” monogram with the welding and curving of metal and the spiral staircase idea, which is an iconic element produced under STEM. The outcome is a forward-driven icon that illustrates the precision and attentiveness in the work, with an angular shape hinting at the futuristic use of the latest methodologies in metalworks.

The bold color palette ignites a spark of creativity in the identity, featuring navy, electric blue, metallic grey, and pure white. The combination of these colors creates a dynamic and visually interesting palette that sets STEM apart from its competitors. The overall branding and visual identity create a sense of innovation, balance, and trust towards delivering bespoke metalwork solutions. This is evident throughout all design deliverables, from the naming, logo and stationery to website design and development, as well as social media content creation.