Website Design & Development

Unilam is a UAE-based one of a kind woodwork service company specialized in supplying Melamine Faced MDF and wood panels in the GCC region with premium and top of the line materials. The brand concept is inspired from the trees which are the natural origins of the wood. The more leaves and branches a tree bears, the larger the volume of wood that will be extracted. From here, we began with the solid linear aspect of the bearing tree to create a unique and memorable logo icon combining the “U” and “L” initials to highlight the name of the company in its organic letter form and curvy rooted lines.

The outcome of the monogram creates an intricate and engaging “UL” shape that describes the business activity and represents Unilam as a unified entity of individuals and a leading company in wood industries across the Middle East with smooth, solid and trustworthy services and products. A bright color palette composed of dark brown combined with a bright orange is used for a modern and sharp identity that will attract the proper target audience. The brand applications consist of a full stationery set, services brochure to website design and development.