Branding . Packaging . Web Design . Art Direction . Social Media

Vivacy is a new beauty and wellness online platform offering a tailored shopping experience that aligns with the needs and demands of the modern-day consumer. Our brief was to develop a comprehensive brand identity that would project the positive, health-centered yet trendy and youthful aspects of the new brand.

Our approach was to create a lively and dynamic brand with versatile elements and applications to mirror the constantly shifting and rapidly evolving modern lifestyle. The brand we created brings together the best of two worlds: the trustworthiness and professionalism of pharmaceutical products with the stylishness and playfulness of cosmetic products.

This duality is carried across all the Vivacy brand collaterals, from logo design, to stationery, packaging and online communications. In a consistent manner, the brand’s website and social media adopt a friendly and approachable tone of voice that embodies the brand’s mission and commitment to help people live a healthier and fuller life.