Naming . Branding . Editorial Design

SAKR Real Estate is a leading project developer, and part of SAKR Group. Their new project, a wellness resort that consists of a 5-star boutique hotel and a state of the art spa, was conceived alongside the Admir and Mema projects to form Sakr’s “Smart Valley”. Creative Punch was asked to name the new project and develop its branding identity, for it to benchmark against leading international luxurious spa and resorts.

Vivaly combines the words vie in French (meaning life) and valy (derived from the word valley) and perfectly embodies the essence of the well being resort: a perfect getaway in the heart of nature for people to heal and retreat from the busy city life.

The brand identity developed for Vivaly is the epitome of refinement and elegance, from the soft color palette, to the choice of material and printing effects. The powder pink, navy blue and beige colors harmoniously combine with the soft tones of the chosen photographic style to convey a soothing and serene ambiance to the resort.