L’os En Ville
Naming . Branding . Environmental Design

L’Os en Ville is a neighborhood bistro in Gemmayzeh offering a selection of Lebanese and French dishes to an urban and flavor savvy clientele. Our aim was to create a brand that reflects the harmony between the authentic cuisine and family recipes passed on from generation to generation, and the modern and trendy aspects of the bistro.

Starting with the name creation, we maintained a clear link to the mother branch of L’Os restaurant in Ain Saadeh, and added “en Ville” to signify the move to the city and to target a younger and more urban clientele.

The brand we developed features two hero characters, a set of illustrated objects representing star elements of the bistro, and a lot of evocative and appetizing copy in Arabic and French, covering the walls, windows and mirrors inside the bistro.

The restaurant identity was carried across the entire bistro: from logo design, to signage, environmental branding, menu and various brand collaterals, and even food presentation suggestions.